Why Membership?

Although I am able to post some content on social media, it is a process of slowly releasing work and generally requires censoring, taking away from the integrity of the art. My Website allows one platform in which I can post high quality, uncensored work. With your support I will have more freedom to focus on my passion

What You will get?

Love Perks Membership:-

Details :- Art Gallery of Nikita’s Photos & Videos Shot by Travel Photographer

Price :-  10 USD

Implied Nude Membership :- 

Details :- 15 Implied-nude photo-sets in HIGH QUALITY! (OLD)

Price :- 25 USD Per Month

Fine Art Membership :- 

Details :-15 art-nude photo-sets in HIGH QUALITY! (OLD)

Price :- 25 USD Per Month

Prime Membership :- 

Details :-

1. 15 Full photo-sets in HIGH QUALITY! ( Fashion, implied, art-nude and Sensual set) (OLD)Many of these sets will contain a tonne of previously unreleased images, now released exclusively to My website.

2. I have a tonne of unreleased images just waiting to be viewed exclusively here to supporters, uncensored and in high quality in Love Perks.

Price :-50 USD Per Month

Special Request Photos Membership :- 

Details :-one photo sets with your choice of theme, Cloth, Accessories , you have to provide us theme reference images, cloth and accessories. (address will be provided on request)

Price :- 50 USD Per Month


What types of payment do you accept? We accept Paypal payments only. 

Our payment provider is PayPal, we do not accept payments through any other means.  If subscribe with auto-renew payments is selected, this means you will not have to remember to pay every time your subscription runs out, but PayPal will do it automatically on your behalf. A PayPal account will be required for this option. PayPal will send you additional details of their subscription terms and conditions upon signup.

PayPal - Can I pay without PayPal?

You can pay without using PayPal by following these instructions:

  1. click Continue to PayPal.... This will take you to the PayPal website.

  2. Click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button near the bottom of the page to pay directly using a credit/debit card.

  3. Once you have filled in your credit/debit card details click Pay Now at the bottom of the page.

Please let us know if you need any further help

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 Trouble Login with Members Page :-

After Login to your A/c Its redirect automatically to members page,

if its not then Login to ur ac with your Id password on Nikitagokhale.com

Close all browser & click on your Subscribed Membership link :-

Implied Nude Members:-  https://nikitagokhale.com/implied-nude-2019

Fine Art Members:- https://nikitagokhale.com/fine-art-2019

Art Video Members:- https://nikitagokhale.com/art-video/

Prime Members:-  https://nikitagokhale.com/prime-membership/

you will b able to access members content.if u still face difficulty please feel free to write us.