What subscription plans are available?

www.nikitagokhale.com currently offers Implied Nude,Fine Art,Art Video,Fashion and Sensual, Prime Membership subscription at monthly and annual renewals. Additionally, we now have Special Request Photos membership . All subscriptions are recurring subscriptions with no contract involved. To view our up to date list of subscription options, please go here.

What types of payment do you accept? 

 Our payment provider is PayPal, we do not accept payments through any other means. If subscribe with auto-renew payments is selected, this means you will not have to remember to pay every time your subscription runs out, but PayPal will do it automatically on your behalf. A PayPal account will be required for this option. PayPal will send you additional details of their subscription terms and conditions upon signup.

What is the billing process? When you sign up for any of our recurring subscription plans, you will be billed every calendar month or yearly from the date of purchase until you decide to cancel the service. Each subscription purchase includes a 10% non-refundable exchange data fee.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription? Yes. If you are needing an upgrade or downgrade, please contact nikita@nikitagokhale.com and we can assist you. Please note, we do not prorate. To avoid double billing, please make sure your previous subscription was canceled by visiting this link here or by contacting us nikita@nikitagokhale.com.

Downgrades: As of Oct 1, 2017,www.nikitagokhale.com will begin offering store credit for those downgrading from Annual purchases. If the customer is past the refund period and wishes to downgrade to a Monthly subscription, remaining funds will be applied to a monthly subscription. Remaining balance is determined by subtracting $229/mo for all full and partial months consumed. This will be a credit, not a refund.

Can I switch subscriptions? Yes, you can switch subscriptions at anytime. Please note, when you upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you will still need to cancel out your previous recurring subscription to prevent any double billing. To avoid double billing, please make sure your previous subscription was canceled by contact us at nikita@nikitagokhale.com

What is the cancellation policy? Customers can cancel their subscription at anytime. To cancel, Email us at nikita@nikitagokhale.com if you have any questions or issues cancelling. www.nikitagokhale.com is not responsible for continued subscriptions should a client forget to cancel their account. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the cancellation

What is the refund policy?  Beginning Oct 1, 2017, www.nikitagokhale.com will only issue refunds for subscriptions cancelled within 5 calendar days from the original purchase date,Conditions apply. Please note, our cancellation page does not process an automatic refund. If you would like a refund please send in a request to nikita@nikitagokhale.com and our billing department will take care of that for you. All refunded subscriptions will still be charged a $10 service fee as outlined in the Billing Process section. www.nikitagokhale.com does not prorate subscriptions. Please contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns regarding refunds.

How do the promo code discounts work? Unless otherwise stated in the promotion, the discount codes reduce the order total. In the case of a recurring subscription, the discount applies to the first installment (for example: the first year or the first month). The ongoing subscription recurs at the advertised normal rate for the service. Any purchase made with a promotional code is only eligible for a refund within 5 calendar days from original purchase date.

Can I freeze my account? As of oct 1, 2017, www.nikitagokhale.com will no longer offer temporary freezes or holds for subscriptions. By canceling, customers forfeit any grandfathered rates currently enjoyed and will be prevailing rates upon return.

Does www.nikitagokhale.com grandfather rates? www.nikitagokhale.com appreciates continued support. Many of our customers have been with us with uninterrupted subscriptions for years and continue to enjoy their old, lower rates. However, if a customer decides to change subscriptions or let their subscription lapse, the customer will need to re-purchase at the current rate.

Is there a free trial?  No